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name Susanne Pacher is the publisher of an entertaining, informative and inspirational website called Travel and Transitions ( This site provides unconventional travel information, money-saving travel advice, cross-cultural experiences, interviews with travellers and other inspiring and interesting people. Now you can submit your own travel stories & win an exciting Amazon River cruise! "Life is a Journey - Explore New Horizons

Presenting Legacy International: An NGO Dedicated to Conflict Resolution, Peace-Building

16th June 2006
Heaven knows that in these times full of cultural misunderstandings and conflict, we need people and organizations that build bridges between people of different cultures and backgrounds. One of these organizations is a Virginia-based NGO called "Legacy I... Read >

Presenting: Farzana Hassan - A Progressive Voice in Canadian Islam

16th June 2006
The current controversy over the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed has ignited my interest to educate myself more about Islam as I realized that there is so much I don't know. Ignorance generally breeds suspicion, hate and resentment, and I c... Read >